Community Showcase

Find local talent all day at the Community Showcase Tent.

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Jason Damico & Maverick Rose
11am - 12pm

When comparing Jason Damico's and Maverick Rose's stories, it isn't a surprise that the two found each other's musical chemistry uniquely unmatched; hence, a duo was ignited organically and effortlessly. These young rockers continue to carry the almighty torch of rock n' roll in a mainstream and popular fashion without hesitancy nor apology. Whether it's original or cover material, this commanding, dazzling duo will take you on a journey loaded with an eclectic mix of music of rock and blues with comedic overtones that add to the already diverse entertainment experience. Simply put--this pair is one of a kind--and has to be seen live to be fully grasped and believed.


Whiskey Pines
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Whiskey Pines is collection of top tier acoustic musicians and the brainchild of Tim Stelmat. The band was created in 2012 after Tim and Bobby left a mildly successful country trio and began playing music full-time. Whiskey Pine’s sound can best be described as acoustic rock with a touch of folk and classic rock guitar licks. Tim’s perfect cadence and jazzy slap strumming technique create a groove anyone can move to. Bobby’s searing harmonica riffs and acoustic leads round off the tone sonically. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy. We cover music from the 60’s to today with our own acoustic spin, including several medleys to keep the energy moving! Currently, Whiskey Pines is playing upwards of 150 shows per year at clubs, private parties, restaurants, bars, theme parks, festivals, and special events all over the state of NC.

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Tony Drake Trio
2:30pm — 4:00pm

The Tony Drake Trio formed in 2012 and have performed all over NC for the past 7 years. The band's members represent 3 generations of music. Lead singer, guitarist, and keyboard player, Tony Drake, has amazed audiences with his musical skills and soulful voice. Drummer Pat DAGreat and bassist Andrew Taylor hold down the groove. Their music is like a mix tape of R&B, rock, blues, country, and everything in between. It's like being in 3 dimensions of music history!